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Demos and Speaking Sessions

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Attendees were able to interact with us at the live technical demonstrations and interacted with Brocade subject matter experts.


  • Enterprise Campus Networking Demo:   Brocade will demonstrate the power of the HyperEdge Architecture with Distributed Services and Consolidated Management. The demonstration focuses on the ability to future-proof campus networks with mixed stacking capabilities utilizing advanced features available only on higher- end switches such as the Brocade ICX 6610 Switch. Advanced features are extended throughout the entire switching stack, saving thousands of dollars. This demonstration highlights advanced routing, VRF-lite, GRE, and multicast features that leverage MCT. It also shows the interoperability of the Brocade HyperEdge and Aruba MOVE architectures.


  • Brocade VCS Fabrics Demo:   Brocade will show how network simplification and automation reduce operational costs in advanced data centers. This demonstration showcases how the native automation in Brocade VCS fabrics eliminates many daily routine tasks. The demonstration includes a high-level overview as well as a live comparison of VCS fabrics vs. Nexus using remote equipment.


  • Software Networking Demo:   The power of NFV is transforming large-scale network deployments. This demonstration showcases the performance, flexibility, and range of possible designs for NFV. It highlights the superior performance of the Brocade Vyatta 5600 vRouter and how it revolutionizes virtual routing. The demonstration also features how the product can be configured as a firewall to filter traffic generated by the latest Spirent Avalanche solution. Lastly, it shows how the product can be used as a VPN to connect to a private cloud that hosts the latest DDOS definitions.


  • Software-Defined Networking Demo:   This demonstration showcases OpenFlow-based SDN solutions from Brocade. It features a live demonstration of mitigating DDOS attach by leveraging sFlow for monitoring and OpenFlow. The demonstration also highlights OpenFlow support on Brocade MLXe Core Routers and Brocade ICX Switches, and the power of Hybrid Port Mode implementation as part of an evolutionary solution based on open standards.


  • Network-As-A-Service Demo:   The is demonstration shows how Brocade Network Subscription provides a completely new network acquisition model that helps eliminate upfront capital costs for network equipment. It highlights the flexibility of easily scaling network capacity up or down based on changing business requirements.



Speaking Sessions:


Infrastructure Panel:

The Next-Generation of IT: Service Is King


Ethan Banks, Editor and Owner, Packet Pushers


Jon Hudson, Principal Engineer, Brocade; Others: APC, Comcast Business, Riverbed

Panel Details:

IT is required to deliver and maintain physical infrastructure, wide area networking services, ultra-fast and reliable data center transport, and everything in between. At the same time, lines of business can tap public cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications with little more than a credit card to spin up new resources. To stay relevant, IT must acknowledge that service is king, and develop new strategies to both compete with—and take advantage of—cloud‒based options.


This panel will explore ways for IT to thrive in its role of internal service provider, via the use of new and emerging technologies that offer unprecedented levels of efficiency, automation, and scalability.



Panel: How SDN-Ready Is Your Infrastructure?
Speaker: Curt Beckman, Principal Engineer, Brocade
Panel Details:

Experts agree that SDN is a part of our networking future, but the details are fuzzy at best. What will SDN adoption look like? And given the lack of specifics around SDN-based solutions, how should we be planning for SDN? Are some products more “SDN-ready” than others? Are some architectures more “SDN-ready” than others? How interoperable will SDN products be? What certifications should you be looking for in products? OpenFlow is certainly one SDN-oriented protocol, but aren’t there others? Which ones are relevant for you? As with any complex topic, the answer is, “it depends.”


In this session we’ll talk about what matters for SDN infrastructure planning and what you can do to take risk out of your infrastructure decision-making.



Panel: SDN and the Hidden Nature of Complexity—The Nature of Complex Networks
Speaker: David Meyer, SP CTO and Chief Scientist, Brocade
Panel Details: Robust-yet-fragile complexity is found wherever we look, including biological and advanced networks. The same architectural features that make these systems robust also create severe fragility that can even lead to catastrophic failure. Advanced networks and biology display striking similarities at “higher” levels of organization. As such, network engineers can learn much by studying networking in other domains. This proves especially true when considering how protocols are designed and deployed, and why some are notoriously hard to change. Today’s Internet and cloud networks are experiencing this evolving complexity and resultant fragility. This discussion revolves around what we know about these networks, and the expected impact of technology trends such as SDN and NFV.