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Brocade Speaker Session

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Don’t miss the Brocade session with Ramki Krishnan, Principal Architect and Director at Brocade.


Session Title: Flow-aware Real-time SDN Analytics
Date/Time: Wednesday, March 5, 1:40 pm
Location: Expo Hall Theater


Many current switch/router implementations based on sFlow, IPFIX, etc., treat all traffic flows as equal at the Layer 2-4 level. There is no differentiation between the different types of flows, resulting in non-real-time detection of behavioral security threats such as DDoS attacks. This presentation discusses flow-aware real-time SDN/NFV analytics applications for DDoS detection/mitigation and how service providers can offer tiered DDoS services. After the presentation, be sure to watch the Brocade demo of SDN/NFV DDoS detection/mitigation applications at the Brocade booth.