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Application Delivery (ADX)

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sym-active on a ipv6 VIP

Howdy all!


Question for ya... I have used the sym-active and sym-priority commands on many-o-vips up to now with expected operating behavior so far... We just setup a new IPv6 VIP however using those same commands and as soon as we enable them, the ADX stop's advertising the VIP /32 out via OSPF... Here is an example of the config on said VIP\Real-server:


server real serverA 2600::192:168:25:13 (fictitous ipv6 address)
 port http
 port http url "HEAD /connectiontest.txt"
 port ssl
 port ssl url "HEAD /connectiontest.txt"

server virtual VIP_A 2605:::74:220:199:10 (fictitous ipv6 address)

 sym-priority 100
 vip-route-subnet-mask-length 128
 port http                                                        
 port http dsr
 port ssl sticky
 port ssl dsr
 bind http serverA http
 bind ssl serverA ssl

This config is essentually the same on our pair of ADX's... Whenever we add sym-active, we loose connectivity to this VIP, when we remove it, OSPF resumes advertising this single /128 out with no issues... Is there something else required to enable active-active on ipv6? Is sym-active not compatable with ipv6?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: sym-active on a ipv6 VIP


Sym-Active should work with IPv6 in the same way it works for ipv4. Can you provide the output of following commands

1. show ipv6 route command when you have sym active configured on ADXs

2. Show server virtual VIP_A. 

3. show server bind VIP_A


Also try to configure "inject-always" command under the virtual server submode to see if traffic works. 




-Mohit Sahni

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