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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ssh not working

I can't get ssh working on an ADX 1000.  I have generated the DSA keys and I believe I have it configured properly, but my putty session will not respond via ssh.  Here is the sh ip ssh conf output:


telnet@Lab-ADX-A#sh ip ssh conf
SSH server : Enabled
SSH port : tcp\22
Encryption : AES-256, AES-192, AES-128, 3-DES
Permit empty password : No
Authentication methods : Password, Public-key
Authentication retries : 3
Login timeout (seconds) : 120
Idle timeout (minutes) : 0
Strict management VRF : Enabled
SCP : Enabled
SSH IPv4 clients :
SSH IPv6 clients :
SSH IPv4 access-group : 1
SSH IPv6 access-group :


If I try to ssh to the unit, the session shows up in a "sh telnet" and in a "sh ip ssh" output:


telnet@Lab-ADX-A#sh telnet
Console connections:
552 days 1 hours 53 minutes 55 seconds in idle
Telnet connections (inbound):
1 established, client ip address a.b.c.d  <- here's my telnet session to access
you are connecting to this session
2 closed
3 closed
4 closed
5 closed
Telnet connection (outbound):
6 closed
SSH connections:
1 established, client ip address a.b.c.d  <- here's the ssh session from the same source
11 seconds in idle
2 closed
3 closed
4 closed
5 closed

telnet@Lab-ADX-A#sh ip ssh
Connection Version Encryption Username
1 SSH-2 aes256-cbc none


Nothing happens in the putty ssh session - no response at all.  It times out after 2 minutes (as expected by the timeout setting).

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Re: ssh not working

Hi @jmickens,


Doing some research on this, I came across this blog post. I'll continue to look into this, but let me know this helps.

Dennis Smith
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Re: ssh not working

I came across several other threads, as well as the manual that all mentioned the same things.  The only thing I didn't try is zeroing the RSA key, because everything else I read specifically stated that SSH uses the DSA key, not the RSA key.  I wasn't sure if I'd cause problems with any existing Global Server Load Balancing if I did zero it out.  I'll have to dig through the rest of the config to see if there is any set up or not.  I'm not all that familiar with these things.

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