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Registered: ‎01-20-2010

serverIron 4G cant import pfx file

Hi all,

i had a pfx file and  i would like to import to the serverIron 4G but is not able to to it. below is my work flow for this.

1. enable the scp server at serverIron - success

2. upload the pfx file to serveriron - success

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\customer\mampu>pscp mampu.pfx admin@ air:mampukeypair:12345:pkcs12 mampu.pfx             

                                                                |  2 kB |   2.1 kB/s | ETA: 00:00:00 | 100%

3.  check the serverIron find the file is loaded inside

SLB-ServerIron 4G#rconsole 1 1

SLB-ServerIron 4G1/1#show ssl cert *

ssl cert files: testcert    1342

ImportCert    2349

mycert    1342

mampup12    2349

mampukeypair    2349

mampukeypair.pfx    2349

SLB-ServerIron 4G1/1#

4. but not find in ssl key... raised the ticket and support reply this is normal as pfx file is contain key and cert in 1 container

SLB-ServerIron 4G1/1#show ssl key *

ssl key files:

testkey    1209

rsakey-file    1209

SLB-ServerIron 4G1/1#

3.the problem come here. i created the ssl profile but cant assign cert

SLB-ServerIron 4G(config-ssl-profile-mampu)#keypair mampukeypair.pfx

SLB-ServerIron 4G(config-ssl-profile-mampu)#certificate-file mampukeypair.pfx

Error : A key pair needs to be configured first before configuring the certificate

any one can help me on this while i still waiting the reply from the support ? appreciate if i can find the solution here.

thank you

Meng Kiat

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Registered: ‎05-04-2009

Re: serverIron 4G cant import pfx file

This sounds similiar to the issue discussed on this thread

uppercase passphrase caused the issue..

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