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Application Delivery (ADX)

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on ADX log message about 'PAX health counter'

Hi community!

in on of our ADX is see frequently the following log entries:

Jan  3 01:01:37:I:Reset PAX FPGA at 2635957 s
Jan  3 01:01:37:I:PAX health counter is 26360182 at 2635957 s

I googled for these, but could not find anything usable.

Can anyone tell me what these messages mean? Is some hardware broken in this ADX?

Thanks for your help, Alex

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Re: on ADX log message about 'PAX health counter'

PAX is a H/W component on the ADX to sync up traffic statstics or counters between the MP and Application CPUs.

Basically, the MP monitors the status of PAX through Application CPUs. The technical meaning of the message is that a status monitoring counter was not updated for a certain amounf of time and the system took a pre-cautionary action to restart the PAX FPGA. The restart of the PAX FPGA will not have any impact on service traffic.

In summary, your ADX H/W is fine and the log message indicates that Applciation CPUs were momentarily busy. If the messages are annoying or you see the message frequently, you can change so-called PAX health check parameters. Please, contact Brocade TAC for such a tune up.

Posts: 24
Registered: ‎11-03-2010

Re: on ADX log message about 'PAX health counter'

Thanks, Derek, for the indepth answer.

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