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Application Delivery (ADX)

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network/switch ports utilization balancing


i have deployed/installed Brocade ADX by using one cable/one port (Router on stick a term used by CISCO). all the traffic passes using Ethernet port 1 for Real servers /remote real servers and clients; the peak utilization is less than 200 Mbps.

Some real servers are in different vlan.

I want to distribute the bandwidth utilization between multiple ports as i have ADX-1016-4.

So is there a document/white paper for this.


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Re: network/switch ports utilization balancing

You can refer to "ServerIron ADX Switch and Router Guide" for details about available options.

I am not much sure about your topology but you can go through chapter 3 "Configuring Trunk Groups and Dynamic Link Aggregation".



-Mohit Sahni

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