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Application Delivery (ADX)

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debug filter and pcap format

Thanks for the debug filter document (). I have been following the creating very closely. The document mentions the PCAP format in the summary but it does not mention how to get a pcap file out of the ServerIron - any ideas?

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Re: debug filter and pcap format

Good catch - I missed this but I will add it to the document later this week.

First of all I would like to mention that PCAP support is ONLY available talking about the ServerIron ADX series. It is NOT available talking about JetCore based systems or even older devices.

You do need to save the stuff in PCAP format first of all using the command "pcap save":

ServerIronADX 1000(debug-filter-MP)#sum
Number of packets captured: 101

pkt:1 IN len:96   TCP :1600 ->23    Seq:3650548624 Ack:18459      ACK
pkt:2 OUTlen:100  TCP :23   ->1600  Seq:18459      Ack:3650548624 ACK PSH
pkt:3 IN len:96   TCP :1600 ->23    Seq:3650548624 Ack:18499      ACK
pkt:4 IN len:96   TCP :1600 ->23    Seq:3650548624 Ack:18499      ACK PSH

ServerIronADX 1000(debug-filter-MP)#pcap save /usb0/trace.cap

You are now able to tftp the file of the box from the enable mode:

telnet@ServerIronADX 1000(debug-filter-MP)#exit

telnet@ServerIronADX 1000#dir
Code flash:
Name                          Size       Type     Date
boot-parameter                113             10/26/2009 18:21:50
primary                  24349481             11/24/2009 17:06:36
secondary                16503328             11/13/2009 12:52:10
startup-config                857             11/26/2009 18:19:37
      Size :  134217728 bytes
Bytes Used :   40853779 bytes
Bytes Free :   92012544 bytes

USB 0 drive:
Name                            Size      Type    Date

TRACE.CAP               17300       10/26/2009 18:25:52
      Size : 4102352896 bytes
Bytes Used :     139264 bytes
Bytes Free : 4102213632 bytes

ServerIronADX 1000#copy usb0 tftp aaaa.cap trace.cap
Upload file to TFTP server done.

Your TFTP server received a file with the name "aaaa.cap" and you are now able to use PCAP based tools to analyze the trace.

Does that help?

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