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Application Delivery (ADX)

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adx and virtual server bind issue


we are using ADX-1016 ios version  12.4.00T405.  yesterday I have changed the  virtual server from round-robin to weighted, and then changed back to "predictor round-robin"

Now I have changed the bind  in virtual server , but when I execute "show run" it displays the following,

server virtual exchange-virtual

predictor round-robin

port http

port pop3

port ssl sticky

port ssl session-id-switching

port pop3s

port 60000

port 60000 persist-hash

port 60001

port 60001 persist-hash

port 135

port 135 persist-hash

port 59533

port 59533 persist-hash

bind pop3 CAS01 pop3

bind pop3 CAS00 pop3

bind ssl CAS00 ssl

bind 60000 CAS01 60000

bind 60000 CAS00 60000

bind 60001 cas01 60001

bind 60001 CAS00 60001

bind 135 CAS01 135

bind 135 CAS00 135

whereas I have defined it as ;

bind 60000 CAS00 60000 CAS01 60000

bind 60001 CAS00 60001 CAS01 60001

bind pop3 CAS00 pop3 CAS01 pop3

bind 135 CAS00 135 CAS01 135

Before it was working as I defined it above.

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Re: adx and virtual server bind issue

Hi mshah1,

Did you still need help on this? If so, would you please post some additional details about the issue. I am not really sure what you are reporting as "not working" and "working" at this point. If you have already achieved a resolution, it would be great if you could share it here.

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