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Wiki Editing Tips

by pmorrissey on ‎05-06-2009 10:08 AM (290 Views)

Wiki Editing tips


  • You can use CTRL-C, Ctrl-V for copy/paste operations
  • Use the Browser undo button to undo changes

Creating Links: You can create links to other wikis as follows:-


          Insert Link

Click Insert link.  A pop window appears and you can find content to insert by choosing Browse history, do a search on community content or add specific URL.

Browse History: Choose the content to add and appropriate link will be created.


Or use community content to search for content to insert


Insert graphics to wikis

Use the Insert Image button (camera button) and upload a  new image or upload a new image. To create images from screenshots, cut/paste the relevant screen section to paint program, save as .bmp or .JPG and use the insert image button to upload that into the wiki

Other Tips