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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Why do I see Active-Disabled as real server status?

I am seeing the following for one of my real servers using "show server bind":

Virtual server: abc_virtual       Status: enabled  IP:

         ssl -------> real_20:,  4098 (Active)

        http -------> real_20:,  6098 (Active-Disabled)

Why do I see Active-Disabled? Port 6098 is up and running and I have not disabled it (it is at least not mentioned in the configuration that it is disabled).

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Re: Why do I see Active-Disabled as real server status?

I am pretty sure this is related to the fact that you are using the real-port setting in your configuration. The real port setting is normally getting used to bind the same real server service to multiple virtual servers or virtual server services. Have a look at the following document: .

The example in there is using the HTTP port of the real server behind the HTTP port of the virtual server and as well behind the SSL port of the virtual server. The real-port setting is used to do this. You should use the real-port setting in case you have to bind the same port again. I guess you are using the real-port setting without having bound the port already. This would look like:

server real rsA
port http
port http url "HEAD /"
port 1080
server virtual vsA
port http
bind http rs101 1080 real-port http

The http port of server rsA is used behind the real-port config setting which allow it to bind a port a second time using an alias port (here 1080) BUT the http port itself is not bound in the example above. That means there is no reason to use the real-port setting - you are still able to bind the http port directly.

You have to use the master port somewhere before you are going to use the real-port command. Otherwise you might see the following in the out of "show server bind":

SLB-ServerIron 4G#show server bind

Bind info

Virtual server: vs222                    Status: enabled  IP:
        http -------> rs101:,  1080 (Active-Disabled)

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