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Where is the sym-priority of 10 coming from?

I am using SSLB here and I do have a few virtual servers. They are active at one of the SIs and backup at the other one - I am using sym-priorities for this, Today I have discovered that the sym-priority of the backup unit went down to 10 even if I have configured 99 at the backup ServerIron - where does 10 come from?

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Re: Where is the sym-priority of 10 coming from?

I guess you have used config synchronisation - is that the case? If so have a look at the last page of the Brocade ServerIron ADX ServerIron Load Balancing Guide and you will find the following:

Configuring Synchronization with HA

When the config-sync command line utility is used to synchronize SLB configuration from the primary unit to the peer unit. In symmetric SLB or sym-active HA modes, sym-priority for a virtual server is synced to the peer unit with a value of 10. To avoid conflict between two peer units, configure sym-priority with a value greater than 10 on the primary unit. The config-sync command is explained in the "Synchronizing the Active and Standby Modules" section of the "ServerIron System Management" chapter in the ServerIron TrafficWorks Administration Guide

I hope this helps.

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