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What is the default username/password to login using SSH?

I have enabled SSH and I am trying to login right now but I do not find the correct username/password. The admin user is working perfectly with the default password talking about the Web GUI but not using SSH.

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Re: What is the default username/password to login using SSH?

There is no default SSH username/password. Have a look at the configuration and you will see the following line which is in there by default:

aaa authentication web-server default local

This is why it is working using the Web GUI. The authentication for the web-server is getting done based on the local database. You will have to tell the ServerIron where to look at talking about the SSH related authentication.

Option 1: do it against the local database using

aaa authentication login default local

Option 2: disable the SSH password check

ip ssh permit-empty-passwd yes

-> it is now possible to use the username admin and a password is not required anymore


aaa authentication login default radius | tacacs | tacacs+

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