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Application Delivery (ADX)

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What is the default port used for?

Looking at the output of show server bind I am seeing something called "default" port - what is that? Why do I need it?

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Re: What is the default port used for?

The default port is a place holder for "all" port. Is it used in two cases:

1. you would like to use the reverse-nat feature (have a look at the documentation - command: server reverse-nat)

2. it is necessary to open all ports to the outside world

Example for case #2:

server real rs101

server real rs102

server virtual vs222

  bind default rs101 default rs102 default

is going to accept traffic to the virtual server for ALL TCP/UDP ports (1-65535).

The default port of a real server is not harmful as long as it is not getting bound to the default port of a virtual server. I am personally trying to disable the default port in case it is not needed.

server real rs10

  port default disable

server real rs20

  port default disable

server virtual vs200

  port default disable

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