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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Virtualization support in ADX

I was wondering if virtualization support is available in ADX or not.

My requirement is that currently our customer is using 2 alteon boxes for internet segment and 2 separate alteon boxes for LAN segment. Now they want to replace them with ADX, do i need four boxes for these two segments or 2 ADX will be enough to cater the requirements by virtualizing the ADX for required two segments?

looking forward for response.

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Re: Virtualization support in ADX

Hi atta,

Yes the ADX can handle virtuallization.  Below is from the Admin guide Chapter 3 page 135.

With this feature, a user can view and/or update configurations, such as virtual servers, real servers, and csw policies, without having the capability of viewing or editing configurations associated with another user. This feature also helps to address "virtualization" requirements.

The existing 3-level user privileges have been expanded to 4 levels. Among them, the existing 3 level, 0 for super user, 4 for port config, and 5 for read only, maintain their current forms. A new privilege level (level 1) is added, and access by the users of this level is controlled by the role based policy. The total number of users that can be created on ServerIron has increased to 1024.

Depending on the configuration, the following roles can be granted to a user of privilege level 1:

Viewer of global configurations

Manager of global configurations

Manager of one or more contexts

Operator of one or more contexts

Viewer of one or more contexts

These roles are applicable only to level-1 users.

Super users have all privileges. The manager automatically has operator and viewer privileges for the specific administrative domain and operator has viewer privileges for the domain. Within a context, a user can be a manager, operator, or viewer of the following items and their child

configuration items:


server virtual-name-or-ip


•  csw- policy


server port-policy

Hope that helps you out - also suggest you download the latest admin guide from



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Re: Virtualization support in ADX

Dear michael,

Thanks for your answer, but i am still not sure that if it's possible to partition the ADX for different two different requirements. Like In my case i have two different requirements for load balancing, 1 is for DNS and the 2nd is for LAN servers. Can i have a single pair of boxes in HA for these two requirements?



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Re: Virtualization support in ADX

No, the ADX does NOT provide virtualization. This would be a feature we also look forward to, but have not heard any confirmation about its arrival date yet. It will not be in 12.3 ....

The only thing ADX provides to separate traffic is Policy-Based Server Load Balancing (PBSLB). It allows to send traffic to different server group based on the source IP. In your case this would mean if traffic comes from internal net send it to server farm A and if traffic comes from Internet send it to server farm B. But with this set up the ADX would connect to the internal net and to the Internet which is not good in my oppinion.


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Re: Virtualization support in ADX

I would like to provide the current update on ADX in support of virtualization. There are two methodologies in they way we integrate virtualization technology into the ADX platform.  First is through multitenancy deployment model where we virtualize ADX within the purpose-built hardware of ADX 1000, 4000, and 10000.  We call this hardware-based virtualization where customers can have fully isolated multiple virtual instances of ADX within the same platform with its own processor, its own network policies and software configuration.  Secondly, we have the BRocade Virtual ADX which is an x86 based virtualization of ADX platform.  This means, ADX now can be hosted as a hypervisor on top of an bare metal x86 server. IN terms of availability, the hardware-based virtualization feature is available currently with the ADX 12.5 software.  And, in order to have the maximum tenant scalability, you have the option to integrate the new MM-2 (Management module) in the modular switches - (current scale out capacity is at 32 multi-tenants/virtual instances of ADX). 

Brocade Virtual ADX will be available between June or July 2013 timeframe.  Details on how to download or availability of Virtual ADX will be available in the community forum as updated information.  

Information about the available features and new product info is available through the ADX product site: 

Relevant info:

Whitepaper on Brocade ADX Hardware-based multitenancy

Brocade ADX Data Sheet (product and feature overview)

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