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Application Delivery (ADX)

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VirtualADX trial



I have downloaded the 60-Day trial of VirtualADX.  I was able to install it on VMWare Fusion7 Pro but I cannot seem to get any commands working.


The guide that came with it suggests installing serial number/entitlement key but none was sent by Brocade.  Brocade support suggests contacting sales while sales redirects me to Support.  I was then asked to post it here in the Community.


I understand VMWare Fusion might not be supported but I got it installed and running on Fusion, it could be an entitlement issue that I cannot use any of the commands.


Appreciate any help.









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Re: VirtualADX trial

Hi Mag,


Could you please clarify a bit more on what you mean by "get any commands working"?  Are you able to access the vADX CLI console?  Which commands did not work?


The fact that it's a trial version should not prevent you from running basic functionalities in the vADX.


Many thanks,



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Re: VirtualADX trial

if i understand your meaning correctly ,  if you are in linux environment  and want to enter environment to be able execute brocade ADX commands , Should first execute this command.



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Re: VirtualADX trial

If you are logging in via console then you have to give thecommand vadx-console to get vAdx CLI. However you can directly telnet to the management IP assigned in the mgmt1 interface on linux to get the vAdx CLI. 



-Mohit Sahni

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