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VRRP-E error in Server Iron

AA Hi,

i m facing a problem in my network, here is some explanation,

i am using Server Iron in Active Active SLB, along with two Big Iron as a layer 2 switch with my server farm, now on servers (DB solaris) prob based active active IPMP is running following is the snario.

SI1                                                                                            SI2                                                              

Vrrid=1                                                                                     Vrrid=1

ip=                                                                    ip=

BI1                                                                                            BI2

1 uplink to SI1 priority 16                                                       1 uplink to SI2 priority 64

1 uplink to SI2 priority 48                                                       1 uplink to SI1 priority 32

Server eth0                                                                               Server eth1



no in server there is error dupplicate ip address and when eth0 is down it cannot continues communication through eth1 in active active ipmp snario besides works with active backup ipmp but my design is active active ipmp and i am facing problems, could this be due to active active ipmp having comatibility problem with vrrp-e, kindly solve my prblem.


Atif Sohail

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Re: VRRP-E error in Server Iron

VRRP-E is in the SI or BI?

I take it that as you have stated that the BI's are in layer 2 then VRRP-E is in the SI.

so- simply this will not work.

Root cause is that you would need a cross chassie LACP from the DB server to the two BI's, and they do not support cross shassie LACP (very few devices do as yet)

that said there are ways to achive active/active in the SI layer.  On the BI layer though if using VRRP/VRRP-E here you would then have your DB Server NIC teamed/VIF/Server Trunked into a Active/Passive so the link can follow in the event of a BI failure.

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