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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Using ServerIron to do SSL offload for non-http applications?

Is there anything special talking about SSL offload/SSL acceleration and non-http applications? I am on the road and I do not have the documentation handy right now.

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Re: Using ServerIron to do SSL offload for non-http applications?

It is the same as with HTTP and SSL offload (so HTTPS). The following protocols are officially supported: LDAPS, POP3S, IMAPS and HTTPS.

You need to define an SSL profile first of all and you need to define the real servers, real server ports, virtual servers and virtual server ports. Finally you need to bind things together and you need to enable SSL termination like shown here:

ssl profile prof

keypair-file key

certificate-file cert

cipher-suite all-cipher-suites

session-cache off

server real rs101

  port http

  port pop3

  port ldap

  port imap4

server virtual vs222

  port ssl

  port ssl ssl-terminate prof

  port pop3s

  port pop3s ssl-terminate prof

  port imaps

  port imaps ssl-terminate prof

  port ldaps

  port ldaps ssl-terminate prof

  bind ssl rs101 http

  bind pop3s rs101 pop3

  bind imaps rs101 imap4

  bind ldaps rs101 ldap

This is a single VIP doing SSL offload for all protocols mentioned above.

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