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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Trying to setup a NAT rule

so my ADX is inline between my network and our WAN using Ethernet 1 & Ethernet 2.  All traffic from my networks that need to go to 10.59.x.x goes though the device, but the WAN only will allow 10.59.12.x traffic from my building.  I have some internal machines (172.16.2.x) that need to see to check into a license server once in a while so i wanted to NAT it an IP in my 10.59.12.x network.  


I setup the NAT pool with the free range i have


ip nat pool thewan netmask


now i just need to know how do i tell it that specific machines inside are allowed to a specific machine on the other side and to grab an IP from the pool?



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Re: Trying to setup a NAT rule

In order to perform NAT on ADX you need to do following 4 things:

1. Create a NAT pool.

2. Create an ACL with rules to select which hosts should be allowed NAT.

3. Bind pool with the ACL.

4. Tag inside and outside NAT interfaces. 


You are done with Step1 and need to do step 2 to 4. 

For more details see this document.



-Mohit Sahni

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