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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Stickiness and balancing

Hi everyone!

Currently I have a “virtual server” by balancing port 3389 with 10 real server. This  configured with "stickiness" with "age time = 60". I understand that to have stickiness configured, when you do the query to the "virtual server", and then lets swing attached to "real server" for as long as it is set to the "age time" (in this case 60 minutes).

My question is :  If there  any way that the person who stayed attached  the "real server" by the stickiness, lose all connections and query again "virtual server" the ADX balance again, regardless of "age time"?



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Re: Stickiness and balancing

Hi Nicolas,

I'm very sorry but I didn't understand what you were asking for with the above. However, I think the following might be helpful. I will reset the age time each time there is a reconnect. I copied the following from the ADX 12.5.01a Server Load Balancing Guide, Chapter 2, page 65.


The refresh-age option resets the age of a sticky session on the port whenever a new connection associated with the sticky port is established. This parameter ensures that the session stays up indefinitely until it is no longer needed.

By default, the ServerIron ADX does not reset the age of the session when new connections are established. Instead, the session times out after the sticky age expires.

If you use refresh-age, the ServerIron ADX resets the age of the session to the value of the sticky age. For example, if the sticky age is five minutes (the default), when the ServerIron ADX establishes a new session on the sticky port, the ServerIron ADX resets the age time for the session to five minutes. Each time the ServerIron ADX receives another connection request associated with the sticky session, the ServerIron ADX resets the session age again.


I hope the above helps.  If I have missed something, please let me know and I'll try again.

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