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Application Delivery (ADX)

Setting/Changing/Enabling Persistence connections - SLB persistent hashing

by pmorrissey on ‎05-22-2009 10:49 AM (196 Views)



How to set/change/enable persistence connections to the same real server for longer periods than what "sticky" function provides. Use persistent-hash capability


Figure below shows an example of virtual server configured to make the ports sticky and to ensure the same clients always go back to the same real server for TFTP and the HTTP port for some application considerations while telnet will remain on the same real server until the sticky age timer is expired



When persistent hashing is configured for a VIP, the round robin predictor for VIP is automatically enabled. This
default is used to evenly distribute hash assignments.

Sample Script/Code/Configuration



server real-name r1

port http

port tftp

port telnet


server real-name r2

port http

port tftp

port telnet


server virtual v1

port http persist-hash

port 69 persist-hash

port 23 sticky

bind 80 r1 80 r2 80

bind 23 r1 23 r2 23

bind 69 r1 69 r2 69

Tips / Caveats

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