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Session sync via out of band mgmt port of the ADX?

Is it possible to use ethernet management port for session-sync at the ADX? This is mainly for the ADX4000 and 8000 being configured as 10G-only systems - the customer is looking for a 1G link doing the session-sync. Is that something I might do using the mgmt ports at the mgmt card?

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Re: Session sync via out of band mgmt port of the ADX?

The management port is an out-band port and not an in-band port. It is useable for the management only and not for things like the session table synchronization.

The management port is as well a 1G port only. A ADX4000 or 8000 with 10G line cards only might create more sync traffic than 1 Gbps which would result in bandwidth problems as well even if it would be possible to do this.

I hope this helps.

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