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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ServerIron: csw + default without cookies

Hi All

I use this csw config:

csw-rule "persistent-session" header "cookie" search "ServerID="
csw-policy "app-rule"
match "persistent-session" persist offset 0 length 4 group-or-server-id
match "persistent-session" rewrite request-insert header
default forward 10
default rewrite insert-cookie
default rewrite request-insert header
csw-policy "redirect"
default redirect "*" "*" ssl
server real app-server
description app-server
port 81
port 81 use-port-policy app-rule
port 81 keepalive
port 82
port 82 use-port-policy app-rule
port 82 keepalive
port 91
port 91 server-id 1111                                          
port 91 group-id  10 10
port 92
port 92 server-id 1112
port 92 group-id  10 10
server virtual app-lb
predictor round-robin
port http
port http tcp-only
port http csw-policy "redirect"
port http csw
port ssl
port ssl tcp-only
no port ssl sticky
port ssl ssl-terminate strong
port ssl cookie-name "ServerID"
port ssl csw-policy "app-rule"
port ssl csw
port ssl request-insert "Front-end-https: on"
port ssl keep-alive
bind http app-server 81 app-server 82
bind ssl app-server 91 real-port 81 app-server 92 real-port 82

It works with enabled cookies in browser. But what about clients with disabled browser cookies? How can I create an ip based rule? Possible? The same ip should be forwarded to same real server.



Occasional Contributor
Posts: 12
Registered: ‎06-16-2011

Re: ServerIron: csw + default without cookies

I see using ssl port sticky is enough for this issue

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