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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Server Groups

We are trying to simplify a configuration. But are unclear as to how port range and server group definitions work.

For example:

There are three consecutive servers from .31-.33

They each have vhosts on ports 8081-8084

server real web01 x.x.x.31

description "Real Web Server 1"

snmp-request community .....

port 8081                                                       

port 8081 server-id 1031

port 8081 group-id  1 1

port 8082

port 8082 server-id 1131

port 8082 group-id  2 2

port 8083

port 8083 server-id 1231

port 8083 group-id  3 3

port 8084

port 8084 server-id 1331

port 8084 group-id  4 4                                         

Would it be better to use port ranges and server groups?

port-range pr1

port 8081 to 8084                                              

What is the proper syntax for server groups in this context?

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Re: Server Groups

Hi Jeff,

You can use real server group to include all of your real servers and bind the real server group to the vip port.

Port-range feature has some limitations, you can look the SLB user guide for more details.

server real-server real-server-group sg1

   real-server rs1 rs2 rs3 rs4

server virtual vs1 x.x.x.x

  port 8080

  port 8081

  port 8082

  port 8083

  bind 8081 real-server-group sg1 8081

  bind 8082 real-server-group sg1 8082

  bind 8083 real-server-group sg1 8083

  bind 8084 real-server-group sg1 8084



-Mohit Sahni

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