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Application Delivery (ADX)

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SSL + persistent connection on switch code


i am using switch code version (12.2.01eT401) on ADX-1000, and want to test  SSL offloading with persistent connection. more over i want insert the client IP address.

I am following this document initially for persisten connection but when i was trying to run the following command it failed.

(config term)#server source-nat-ip port-range 2 for-ssl

The "for-ssl" is not avialbe, (my be it runs on router code).

If i remove the csw policy and only perfom the SSL-termination it works fine.

Can any one knows the doucment for SSL-termination+persistent connection+client Ip address insertion  on  Switch code.


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Re: SSL + persistent connection on switch code

Hi Mohammad,

the "for-ssl" is a deprecated command from the ServerIron Series prior to ADX.

Starting with 12.0 the "for-ssl" is not needed anymore.

Does all your URLs end with "html"? Seems that the csw-rule is not matching at all.

What you can also do is just use a default policy.

To shed some light on this please post some configuration lines of what you have done.


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