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Application Delivery (ADX)

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SNMP monitoring of ADX 1000's


I work for a hosting company, with multiple clients running a variety of Brocade/Foundry Load Balancers. Older Foundry GT C-Series, 4G SSL models, and now a few newer ADX 1000's.

I found the MIB_July2010_Reference.pdf document which apparently covers all of these various devices since they all run IronWare OS. I've made some custom checks for our monitoring system (Nagios). Just some simple checks to check CPU, Memory, Fans, PowerSupplies, and Temperature. These checks work great on the older GT's and 4G SSL models, but 3 out of those 5 checks are not working on the ADX 1000's. As far as I can tell from the manual the ADX 1000's should respond to the same SNMP OID's but I'm having assorted problems.

1) The Power Supply info snChasPwrSupplyTable (. does not exist on the ADX 1000's at all.

2) The Chassis Temperature snChasActualTemperature (. on the ADX 1000's is returning 0 Celcius (32 F), however the ADX 1000 web interface shows the "MP Temperature" as well as 4 "BP Temperatures" I can't seem to access via SNMP. The OID for "stackable devices" snAgentTemp2Table is not defined on the ADX's either. How can I check all 5 of these temperatures, or at least get the main chassis temperature (snChasActualTemperature) to work correctly?

3) The Memory info at snAgGblDynMemUtil (. is showing 0% usage, even though our ADX 1000's are under heavy load in production. Also snAgGblDynMemTotal (. is reporting only 459768 bytes, however the web interface shows our Management Processor has 2048 MB of memory. On the older 4G SSL and GT models we're seeing about 500MB of memory but it just doesn't seem to work correctly on the ADX's. What SNMP OID's can we use to check the memory correctly on the ADX's?


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Re: SNMP monitoring of ADX 1000's

May help - may not

Check what version you are running (use 'show version')

I see there are some bug fixes in 12.1.0c and 12.1.0b for some SNMP issues.  If you are not running 12.1.0c I recommend upgrading to that.

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Re: SNMP monitoring of ADX 1000's

I'm having this issue with 3 separate ADX 1000's, two running 12.1.00cT403 and one running 12.2.00T403

Got an official ticket going on this now but I'll try to keep this updated once is gets resolved.

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