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Application Delivery (ADX)

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SFlow version upgrade

Greetings - I'm trying to capture sflow data from a FastIron SuperX with Orion by Solarwinds which apparently requires sflow version 5 or higher. The SuperX delivers SFlow version 2 datagrams. How does one upgrade the sflow version being delivered, or does someone know of a product that can work with the version 2 sflow?

Thank you.

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Re: SFlow version upgrade

SFlowTrend is a free graphical sFlow analyzer that supports sFlow v2,4,5. There is a list of products supporting sFlow on, but it is not clear which ones support sFlow v2.

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Re: SFlow version upgrade

sFlow version 5 is supported in code release 5.1 for Fastiron SuperX

see the below from the 5.1 release notes

Management-Level Enhancement in FSX 05.1.00

Feature Description See details in...

sFlow version 5 sFlow version 5 modifies and enhances the

format of the data sent to the sFlow collector.

sFlow version 5 introduces several new sFlow

features and also defines a new datagram

syntax used by the sFlow agent to report flow

samples and interface counters to the sFlow



FastIron Configuration Guide


Network Monitoring


Support for sFlow Version

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