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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Redirection specific URLs http to https

We have a need to redirect only certain URLs on a server from http to https, leaving all other urls alone.  I am trying to use CSW-Rules and CSW-Policies to do this.  However, it seem as though unless I am redirecting ALL http traffic to https, it does not work.  I am not entirely certain its an issue with the policy, but since it seems like it works for either all traffic or no traffic.. leads me to believe that everything else is working.





csw-rule "SP" url search "url1"
csw-rule "SP" url search "url2"
csw-policy "URLRedirect"
match "sharepoint" redirect "*" "*" ssl
server virtual PRODUCTIONVIP 192.168.X.X
port ssl sticky
port http
port http csw-policy "URLRedirect"
port http csw
port http keep-alive
bind default group-real PRODUCTIONVIP default
bind ssl group-real PRODUCTIONVIP ssl
bind http group-real PRODUCTIONVIP http PRODUCTIONVIP ssl

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