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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Registered: ‎09-07-2012

Problem with SSL handshake

I have a problem with SSL handshake that I can't get to the bottom of on my ServerIronGT.

Here is the config (it's for both http and SSL, we are only interested in SSL part):

ssl profile
keypair-file bile_prod_private.key
cipher-suite all-cipher-suites
session-cache both

server virtual bile_lti
sym-priority 20
predictor round-robin
port ssl sticky
port ssl ssl-terminate
port http
port http request-insert client-ip
bind ssl bile_lti-01 81 bile_lti-02 81 bile_lti-03 81 bile_lti-04 81
bind ssl bile_lti-05 81 bile_lti-06 81
bind http bile_lti-01 82 bile_lti-02 82 bile_lti-03 82 bile_lti-04 82
bind http bile_lti-05 82 bile_lti-06 82

server real bile_lti-04
port http
port http keepalive
port http url "GET /isAlive.html"
port http group-id  7 7
port 81
port 81 keepalive
port 81 url "GET /isAlive.html"
port 82
port 82 keepalive
port 82 url "GET /isAlive.html"

The ServerIron is not forwarding any traffic to the real server, the SSL handshake seems to fail. But I am not sure what's going wrong.

Attached is a TCP dump on the ServerIronGT showing the traffic between the client and LB (rename to .pcap).

After the client hello I don't see anything that would make sense.

Is something obvious missing in my config? Anyone seen this before?

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