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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Performance of the ADX SI-1016-2

Looking at the datasheet I do see some performance values for the ADX 1000 but there is just one set of performance values. Nevertheless I do see two types of the ADX 1000 in the datasheet: one with 2 application processors and 2 with 4 application processors - what is the performance difference?

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Re: Performance of the ADX SI-1016-2

The number published are related to the devices with 4 application processors - you do have the following:

# of processors
2 (ADX 1016-2)4 (ADX 1016-4 / ADX 1216-4)
DNS queries/sec (fast stateless)875.0001.750.000
Layer 4 connections/sec (HTTP 1.0)100.000200.000
Layer 4 transactions/sec (HTTP 1.1)1.000.0002.000.000
Layer 7 connections/sec (HTTP 1.0)45.00090.000
Layer 7 transactions/sec (HTTP 1.1)75.000150.000
Layer 4 aggregate throughput (Gbps)4.59
Layer 7 aggregate throughput (Gpbs)4.59
DoS protection (SYN in Mpps)7.500.00015.000.000
Maximum number of concurrent connections8.000.00016.000.000
Maximum number of concurrent sessions16.000.00032.000.000

The datasheet is available via:

Please use this as some kind of guideline only. Performance depends on the traffic patterns as well.

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