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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Multi-tenancy HA config-sync setup

I have two ADX 4000 running 12.5.00a router code with 3 tenants in a lab.  I had sync-config working on 12.4.00d code but no luck with multi-tenancy configuration synchronization. Can anyone give me some advice or provide a cookbook?

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Re: Multi-tenancy HA config-sync setup

Hi Robert,

In 12.5 there has been some changes in the way config sync works. The basic concept is same but the earlier command has been split into to commands, the config-sync mode (sender or receiver ) and a config-sync peer config with port, vlan and mac configuration. You can check the 12.5 user manual for that.

Here is how you can configure config-sync among tenants:

1. Connect two adx's ethernet ports to each other.

2. Now on both the adx, allocate that ethernet port to different tenants under different tagged vlans.

3. On the tenants, configure the ethernet port under the tagged vlan allocated to them on master MP.

4. Now on tenants, configure config-sync sender or receiver mode and add the tagged vlan, ethernet port and other side's Mac in config sync peer configuration.

Let me know if you need any other info.



-Mohit Sahni

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