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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Load-Balancing Different Public Networks to the same internal network

Hi All,


I'm back for another interesting examination of using the ADX. I've poured through the documentation a couple of times over the past couple of months, but I can't find a clear answer about how to deal with my particular scenario:


Due to growth reasons my company has 2 different sets of public ip's ( and for webservices that must be load-balanced. Internally, there isn't a problem with this, because they all route to the same ADX, but externaly the ADX will take one route over the other. So assuming my default route is via, any connections to a will get routed back incorrectly (as they'll go back out instead of, and subsequently dropped by a router or a firewall, or get some weird response on the client side.

It looks like I could solve this with SLB Spoofing but I haven't tried this before. Has anybody else tried this with success?

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Re: Load-Balancing Different Public Networks to the same internal network

Can you confirm what I understood is correct ? 

1. You have two set of VIPs one in 1.1.1.x subnet and other in 3.1.2.x 

2. You want all the clients connecting to 1.1.1.x subnet to get response via interface in 1.1.1.x subnet and for 3.1.2.x vip via interface in 3.1.2.x subnet. 


If my understanding is correct then you can use the next-hop command under the VIPs to specify what gateway packets towards client use. 


server virtual test
port http
bind http rs1 http

server virtual test2
port http
bind http rs1 http


Hope that helps.

-Mohit Sahni

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