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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Load Balancer ERP People soft monitoring



We have ADX1000 load balancer on which we have configured NLB on ERP Peoplesoft application server. Weblogic on ERP servers are running on port 8000. webpage of erp server is running on port 443. so in our sceaniro when 8000 on erp server goes down , load balancer keep sending users to 443 https link. For this we cofigured health check so that if port 8000 gets down ADX will stop sending NLB traffic to that server. but in our case its not working.

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Re: Load Balancer ERP People soft monitoring

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There are multiple ways to do this but easiest way is that you can configure element healthchecks with dest port 8000 and bind it to the real server server port 443. Here is an example:

healthck hc1 tcp
  port 8000
  protocol http
  protocol http url "GET /"


server real webserver1
 port http
 port http healthck hc1
 port http keepalive
 port http url "HEAD /"

-Mohit Sahni

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