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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Layer7 Content Switching questions

Hi Guys,

I'm a little stuck with implementing L7CSW. Here is what I'm trying to acomplish:

- i have 1 real webshop server. It issues a Cookie "JSESSIONID" to every visitor

- I have a backup-server that displays a "overload" page (somehow what like the twitter whale).

The goal is to let the first 100 connections in and then failover to backup-server. This can be done by setting max-conn on the http port or realserver1 and this is working fine.

Now the tricky part. I'd like to let users, who can show me a valid JSESSIONID-Cookie, into the shop.

This is how i tried it:

csw-rule "rule3" header "Cookie" pattern "JSESSIONID"

csw-policy "Pol1"

match "rule3" forward 1032

default forward 1030

server real shop

backup associated-primary

port 8081

port 8081 l4-check-only

port 8081 max-conn 100

port 8081 server-id 1030

port 8082

port 8082 l4-check-only

port 8082 server-id 1032

server real backup


port 8082

port 8082 l4-check-only

port 8082 server-id 1034

server virtual test-web

port http

port http lb-pri-servers

port http csw-policy "Pol1"

port http csw

bind http shop 8082 real-port 80 shop 8081 real-port 80 backup 8082 real-port 80

I have also tried specifying backup in port-definitons. Content-Switching by Cookie is working, but my problem is once the "limited" server is full the adx1000 starts loadbalancing over from shop:8082 to shop:8081 instead of ffailing over the backup.

What I also don't understand. Can I only forward with a csw-action to servers that are "bind" to this particular virtual server?

by the way, I'm running 12.3.01 in switching mode

I hope that someone can assist me with this, spent the whole day without getting any further.

Thanke in advance!


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Re: Layer7 Content Switching questions

Not sure if this helps, but I remember a bug in version 12.1 for CSW, would suggest that upgrade to the latest code 12.3.1 I think and retest.



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