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Application Delivery (ADX)

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JetCore - what does it mean?

Hi all,

this is most probably a very stupid question but it is always good to be sure:

What do you mean with JetCore? I do see a lot of post talking about JetCore and non-JetCore... what is the difference?`

Thx and sorry again.

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Re: JetCore - what does it mean?

Here you go (I do not have any better things to do at a Sunday evening than looking into our community to create some wikis):

JetCore is something I do call "classic" ServerIrons in my presentations. JetCore is basically an ASIC generation - the following ServerIrons are ment as soon as you talk about JetCore based ServerIrons:

ServerIron 4G Series

ServerIron 350/450/850

ServerIron GT-C/GT-E

The generation before JetCore was IronCore (ServerIron 100/400/800). The ServerIron XL is even older than the IronCore stuff (the oldest ServerIron I am aware of). Does this help?

The latest generation of ServerIron products is called "ServerIron ADX" including the ADX 1000, ADX 4000 and ADX 8000. Have a look at the datasheet:

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