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Application Delivery (ADX)


by JoeZ on ‎08-16-2011 12:34 PM (388 Views)


What will this session cover?

This session will provide a reference architecture overview and procedures for deployment of NAT64 and DNS64 in support of IPv6-only client environments.

Duration: 45 Min

Date and Time: August 24, 2011, 8:00 PST

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Why should you attend?

The number of address spaces used by the current version of the Internet protocol, IPv4, has been dramatically depleted. Without action, you risk increased costs and limited functionality online for Internet usage everywhere. IPv6 is the new fabric of the Internet and will bring new business opportunities and business models, with over 4 billion times more space and more advanced protocol support.

The primary focus of this session is to educate you on how to support IPv6 in your network and to explain how NAT64/DNS64 can be used effectively to migrate to IPv6. We will explain the differences amongst the translation methods/options (NAT64/NAT464/NAt46) in an IPv6 environment and will include real world examples of how to configure network and DNS equipment to enable certain migration scenarios.

Who should attend?

Enterprises, Telcos, Content, Cable, and Hosting/Cloud Providers who are looking for IPv6 transition solutions

Topics covered:

  • Brocade ADX and Secure64 DNS Cache Overview
  • NAT64 and DNS64 Solution Architecture
  • Configuration Options and Overview
  • Additional DNS64 Functionality Options

Speakers Bios:

Jeff Hartley is a (CISSP/BCLP/BCNE), Application Delivery Technical Specialist from Brocade. Jeff specializes in the Application Delivery product line for Brocade, focusing on Service Providers and strategic initiatives. Jeff spent the prior 15+ years in Service Provider Engineering, Information Security, and Management roles, at companies ranging from start-ups (MindSpring, Purewire) to large SP (Cox Communications, Bloomberg).

Stephan Lagerholm is an IPv6, DNS, DNSSEC and IT-security expert with over 11 years of international and management experience. He is a Senior DNS architect at Secure64 Software Corporation where he is responsible for the design and roll-out of complex DNS solutions to large service providers worldwide. Stephan's background includes leadership positions at the largest networking and security system integrator in Scandinavia, and working for leading IPv6 product vendors. Stephan is also one of the directors at the Texas IPv6 Task Force.

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