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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Is it possible to host a sorry page at the ServerIron/ADX?

Is it possible to host a sorry page at the ServerIron/ADX? I would like to send out some kind of error page to the clients in case all real servers are down/failed.

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Re: Is it possible to host a sorry page at the ServerIron/ADX?

The ADX/ServerIron itself is not able to host a sorry page. There is no way to hast any kind of content at the ADX. Nevertheless I think there is a solution for what you would like to achieve:

The ServerIron/ADX offers something called backup servers. A backup server is not part of the normal load balancing. A backup server comes in as soon as all other servers are down. My suggestion would be to configure your "normal" servers as usual and to add at least one backup server but maybe even two or three. The ServerIron is not going to use the backup servers as long as any primary/normal server is up and running. Nevertheless it is going to send requests to the backup server(s) as soon as ALL primary/normal servers are down.

Configure your backup server(s) to send a sorry page out for all requests coming in. The sorry page is hosted at your backup server(s) now - this is the better solution from my point of view because you might have to server millions of client requests with a sorry page and a solution with backup servers is scaling very well instead of having a central devices wasted resources for sorry pages.

Have a look at the following link for an example of a config with a backup server:

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