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Application Delivery (ADX)

Introduction and ADI 101

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Application Delivery Infrastructure 101


Application Delivery Infrastructure (ADI) refers to the collection of product and technologies (from Brocade and Brocade partners) to enable the optimized delivery of Application Services. This encompasses the Brocade ServerIron family of load balancers, application delivery and traffic management controllers/switches which provides availability, acceleration, security, and scalability for business-critical IP, Web (http), and VoIP applications. ServerIron (SI) is the Brocade product line for their application delivery controllers/load balancers



Application Delivery Infrastructure community forum is dedicated to enabling application administrators and network administrators to assist their business with quick time to resolution for “todays” application delivery challenges. We hope involvement from existing and future ServerIron customers and internal subject matter experts will broden the collective knowledge on how to leverage this platform to meet constantly evolving application delivery needs in real time



Leverage the community of ServerIron users and subject matter experts  to connect, share and get your answers in real time.

Utilize the seach functions to quickly find answers / information and/or utilize the tags to narrow down the search result to certain areas. Top level information on various topics is tagged with 101. So if you want to start at the top regarding server load balancing, just search for "server 101"



What is an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) or next generation Load Balancer?


[from Wikipedia] An application delivery controller (ADC) is a network device in the datacenter that helps perform common tasks done by web sites in an effort to remove load from the web servers themselves. Many also provide load balancing. They usually sit between the firewall/router and the web farm[1]. The ADC is in many cases described as the next generation load balancer. They tend to offer more advanced features such as content manipulation, advanced routing strategies as well as highly configurable server health monitoring. ADCs tend to offer features like compression, cache, connection multiplexing, application layer security, ssl offload, content switching combined with server load balancing.






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ADC's can be leveraged by both network administrators and application administrators. How can an application administrator take advantage of an ADC/Load Balancer like ServerIron?


There are many cases where an application administrator needs to make changes/updates to how an application is delivered to their user base. Due to complexities in making changes to deployed applications, application administrators can take advantage of an ADC to make a global change at the virtual server level rather than have to make changes around multiple real application server nodes. For example, some administrators may configure their ADC to perform SSL offload to reduce the burden of SSL traffic on their application server infrastructure. Other admins take advantage of ADC to perform content transformation (rewrite) or URL/header switching or redirection of incoming traffic so that end users are not exposed to the underlying application infrastructure details supporting a particular application service. Review some of the sample code examples to give you an indication of some of the capabilities that an ADC can provide Sample Configuration Examples 101


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Plug - Brocade ServerIron ADX Series


If you want to quickly brief yourself on Brocade's next generation ADC/Load Balancer (Brocade's ServerIron ADX series) launched mid year 2009 which includes some more examples of how an ADC/Load Balancer are being leveraged by enterprises/service providers, I highly suggest reviewing this pdf which outlines all the features, deployment scenarios and performance specifications. Frequently asked questions, check here....We're quite proud of this next-gen platform...


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