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Application Delivery (ADX)

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How to setup a failover node/group/pool

We have a pool that has 2 nodes in it and request are load balance bewteen those 2 nodes. What we want to do is to send request to a failover node/pool if the original nodes/pool go down. What CSW rule/policy do I need

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Re: How to setup a failover node/group/pool

I am assuming you would like to have a "sorry/backup" servcer jumping in as soon as the whole primary pool went down. Correct?

You do not need to touch CSW to do this. There are so called backup real servers and so called primary server - backup servers do come in as soon as all primary servers are down.

Ensure the "backup" server does have the backup setting enabled and ensure the virtual server is configured to work with backup servers:

server real primary1

  port http

server real primary2

  port http

server real backup


  port http

server virtual vs222

  port http

  port http lb-pri-servers

  bind http primary1 http primary2 http backup http

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