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Application Delivery (ADX)

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How to capture what goes wrong when ASM failed in ADX Switch

Hi All

How to capture the incidents when the ASM Module failed and what is the behavoir of ADX Switch after the failure.


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Re: How to capture what goes wrong when ASM failed in ADX Switch


To capture incidents, their are a couple of commands

"show log"

"show asm-state"

To display technical support information use the following command.
show short-tech-support

From Admin manual: -Saving tech support information to a file
You can save detailed technical information to a file to the interal USB drive of the ServerIron ADX
for assistance in troubleshooting issues when working with technical support.
ServerIronADX 1000# save short-tech-support text test1
Msg: tech-support info to be saved in test1
ServerIronADX 1000# checking bp dumps on code flash, fd= -1 on /usb0/
Done saving tech-support info to file
Syntax: save short-tech-support text | html <file-name>

If ASM module failed for some reason, active traffic session would normally be taken over by it HA partner (assuming you have HA pair of ADX's). I would suggest open a ticket with support if experiencing an ASM module. It's unusual.


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