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How do I upload Certificate to ServerIron using Windows?


I have 2 ServerIron's and i need to upload Certificate to the both of them, I want to use SSL Termination Mode, but i am unable to load the Certificate.  I know the procedure to get this wokring.  I am having a difficult time uploading the certificate to the ServerIron.  I have heard to use PSCP, but i have never heard or used this software before.    I have done this before on a F5, and i have used a GUI based FTP kind-of application to transfer the certificate.   NEED HELP!


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Re: How do I upload Certificate to ServerIron using Windows?

Hallo Frank,

you have to use a command line secure copy tool. pscp is one way to use with windows. You can also use cygwin which has scp integrated.

1) enable SSH/SCP

ip dns domain-name

               crypto key generate dsa

               username admin password password

ip ssh permit-empty-password yes

2) Upload PEM Key File


pscp <local_filename> <username>@<ip_address>:sslkeypair:<remote_filename>:<password>:pem

3) Upload a PEM certificate file

pscp <local_filename> <username>@<ip_address>:sslcert:<remote_filename>:pem


2+3)  Upload a PKCS#12 Key/Certificate

pscp <local_filename> <username>@<ip_address>:sslkeypair:<remote_filename>:<password>:pkcs12

Please check the securtiy guide for additional infos.

If you have the option try software version 11.0 which has certificate managemet via GUI integrated.

However the recommended software version is still 10.2.01

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