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Application Delivery (ADX)

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How do I enable regular health checks?

It looks like the health checks are running ones at the beginning to declare the server as up - no further health checks based on my observations. I do have a real server which is "Active" according to the output of "show server bind" but the HTTP daemon is not up and running (I do know that because I have stopped it).

What the heck am I doing wrong here?

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Re: How do I enable regular health checks?

You observetions are correct. The ServerIron is not going to do the health checks regularly by default. You are talking about an HTTP server based on your post. Have a look at the output of "show server real http <real-server-name".

You will find a line talking about Tcp requests and Tcp responses. Do you see the numbers incrementing? If not: yep - it is not sending out health checks regularly. I am writing a "Health Check 101" right now and I will cover that stuff. It is not ready so far but here is the link:

Regular health checks are so call "keepalive" health check - this is mentioned in the normal documentation as well. Please try to enable keepalive for the real server port via

server real name

  port http keepalive

or configure a port profile globally to enable keepalive health check:

server port 80


both way do tell the SI to do regular health checks.

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