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How do I configure an HTTP (!!!) health check for port 443 (ssl/https)?

I am trying to configure an HTTP (plain-text) health check for one of my real servers. The real server is listening to port 443 but it is offering HTTP only and not HTTPS/SSL. I have tried to configure this using a healthck but I am getting an error message that I can not use protocol http for port 443. Any ideas?

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(config-hc-abc)#protocol http
Healthck Error: Protocol 80 is not allowed with port 443

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Re: How do I configure an HTTP (!!!) health check for port 443 (ssl/https)?

Are you looking for an http health check via port 443? I guess so.

The following should work:

server port 443


  tcp keepalive 10 2

server port-policy http-443

  protocol http

  protocol http url "GET /testme.html"


server real rs101

  port ssl

  port ssl use-port-policy http-443

Change the interval and retry setting inside the port profile (interval above is 10 and the retry setting is 2).

You can not use healthck’s because they do not allow the http protocol via port 443.

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