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Application Delivery (ADX)

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High Availability configuration with Brocade ADX-1000F in Active-Active Mode

Well i hvae installed and configured two Brocade ADX-1000F to load balance Microsoft Exchange 2010 (https/ssl) and IFS application (http) and upgraded their OS/Firmware and afterwards it is converted from Switch Code to Router Code and now i can only able to view and configure the Active-Active HA profile in the GUI interface and through CLI as well.


Client requirement is Hot-Standby (Active-Passive Mode) which can not get work because of ADX mode in Router Code.


Both ADX connected to the uplink Linksys-SRW-2024 Layer-2 Switch using their Eth-1 Port respectively... 

Now when i enable the port Eth-1 on both ADX, my Microsoft Exchange and another IFS (Web based App) stops working.


When i disable the ADX-2 Eth-1 interface then the application becomes accessible. (Here ADX are not connected to each other)..


In order to crearte HA i use Eth-7 port on  both ADX for HA. I use below mentioned commands:


interface ethernet 7
port-name HA
vlan 21 name HA by port
untagged ethe 7


With STP is OFF globally.

ADX-1 is having a sym-priority value-200 and ADX-2 is 199 making ADX-1 as a active owner of VIPs.


After this i configured command for various supported tcp/udp ports in use of application to synchronize the settings and traffic in case if ADX-1 goes down:


server port 80 port 443 port 4443 port 110 port 993 port 995 port 58080 port 1521 port 143
tcp udp


But after doing this and connecting both ADX using interface eth-7 application stops working and i can only able to use applciations when i disable the Eth-7 port on ADX-2 and also disabling Eth-1 port on ADX-1 for core connectivity...


Brocade ADX-Eth-1 interfaces, Servers and Firewall DMZ interface all connected to one uplink Layer-2 Switch and are in the same VLAN-1 and is a DMZ network....



Can anyone suggest me what configurations should i need to to at ADX to successfully run the HA when both ADX running in active-active mode and are connected to each other using HA port and VLAN instead of disabling the ports so that when a failover occurs or ADX-1 somehow goes down the second ADX can also serve the  network ..



Looking forward for it... 

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