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Healthck's - how do I know why they are failing?

I am using healthck's to do the health checks for some of my real server using TrafficWorks 10.2.01 at a SI 850. I am seeing health check problems from time to time - what is the best way to find the reason for these problems?

Suggestions are welcome.

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Re: Healthck's - how do I know why they are failing?

I use:

show server real http <server_name>

It only shows counters, but if you are having regular failures you can see if it is timeouts or errors, either http or tcp.

don't know if there is a better way.

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Re: Healthck's - how do I know why they are failing?

I would suggest to have a look at the output of the following commands:

show healthck policy <policy-name>

Part of the output of the following:

        TCP send fail  = 0                 TCP send buffer alloc fail = 0

        TCP request sent = 206             TCP response received = 206

        TCP mesg received OK = 0           TCP mesg received ERROR = 206

        TCP response timeout = 0           TCP closed by remote = 0

        Bring port DOWN = 0                Strtok return null = 0

Most important is the bold counter - it implies that there where errors in the Layer 7 responses. On to of that you do see the amount of health check tries

and the amount of responses and timeouts.

You might want to reset the counters initially to start from scratch:

clear healthck policy <policy-name>

Get some traces via debug filter at the ServerIron or take the traces at the real server itself if you do have Layer 7 errors. A trace should tell you want the

actual response and this should help to troubleshoot Layer 7 health check problems.

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