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Application Delivery (ADX)

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HTTP redirect without real server

Is it possible to use the ADX to perfrom http redirects without having a real server configured for the site?

We have a few sites running on our web servers that are just there to redirect requests to other domains. It would be nice to just off-load that to the ADX and remove the sites from the servers, but I haven't been able to figure out a way to do this because the virtual server needs to be boud to a real server in order to actually do anything, including process the CSW rules that perform the redirect.

Example: --This is our active web site --Redirects to on web servers --Redirects to on web servers

--I would like to remove sites 2 and 3 from the web servers completely and have the ADX perfomr the redirects.

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Re: HTTP redirect without real server

The VIP should have at least one real server. Otherwise, CSW will not work. Please, configure a bogus real server and disable health check on it. For example, you can configure a gateway of the ADX as a real server and disable l3-7 health check. It wouldn't affect the gateway in any manner.

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Re: HTTP redirect without real server

Thanks! For the bogus IP - can it literally be anything? The management IP of the ADX, for example, or I guess I'm just wondering if it needs to be something valid or not, since the healthcheck will be disabled and any traffic will get redirected before it gets a chance to go to the non-existent RS.

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Re: HTTP redirect without real server

Or better yet - these are just simple redirects, so instead of even using a bogus IP, could I just:

  • Create csw rules based on host header for each of the sites I want to redirect
  • Create a csw policy that matches those rules and redirects to the desired URL
  • Add a csw bindind to the http port of the virtual server for the active site that I'm redirecting to

The logic here being that if it matches a defined host header it will redirect, but if it doesnt then it just processes it normally?


csw-rule "r1" header "host" equals "" case-insensitive

csw-policy "p1" case-insensitive

  match "r1" redirect ""

server virtual v1

   port http

   port http csw

   port http csw policy "p1"

   bind http rs1 http rs2 http

Would this work, or would I need to specify something in the policy for traffic that doesnt match a rule as well?

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Re: HTTP redirect without real server

By default, if the CSW rule is not matched, it will be sent to the Real Servers. So, you might want to add a "catch-all" rule.

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