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Application Delivery (ADX)

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HTTP Host Header Issue


SI ------> RS1 (hostname1)

       |--> RS2 (hostname2)

The application on RS1 and RS2 are only configured to respond to the request when it is destined for hostname1 and hostname2 respectively i-e Host field of HTTP header contains hostname1 or hostname2. They do not respond when the Host field contains an IP Address.

I have configured HTTP Header rewriting to resolve this issue. The solution works and I am able to access the server. But it effectively loses the SLB option since the Host field is translated to only one value either Hostname1 or Hostname2.

This should be common when you are running multiple web sites on a single server i-e IIS uses Host field to identify the web site to be served. How can I configure SI to use the real server name in HTTP Host field instead of the IP Address without using HTTP Header rewrite mechanism.



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Re: HTTP Host Header Issue

Hi owais,

leave HTTP Header rewrite mechanism in place.

Then use URL switching to LB.

see for a sample of config.

Thanks Michael

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