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Application Delivery (ADX)

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GSLB without using authorative DNS

I have an application that I wish to perform GSLB but I cannot leverage authoriative DNS as its a static IP based applicaiton. Is their other options to provide GSLB like capabilites without requiring proxy for authorative DNS

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Re: GSLB without using authorative DNS

For applications that are not DNS based or in cases where DNS based site load  balancing is not desired, Brocade ServerIron ADX offers an alternate mechanism to achieve  multi-site redundancy. This approach is popularly known as VIP route health  injection or VIP RHI approach for GSLB. Here is how it works:

* The  ServerIrons at different data center locations are configured with “Anycast IP”  to represent service VIP (VIP that front ends your application servers)

*  The ServerIrons at each of these locations check the health of their respective  service VIP & application servers

* If service VIP is found healthy,  then ServerIron creates a static route for the VIP

* This static route is  then injected inside the local IGP process (OSPF or RIP) through  redistribution

* As a net result, the VIP route gets propagated  throughout the IGP network and reaches the network border router

* The  network border router injects the VIP route to Internet or intranet through BGP.  The border router may perform route aggregation prior to advertising the  route

* The Anycast VIP route thus gets advertised into Internet from  multiple data center locations

* The access request from client now  reaches the data center that offers the best BGP metric

* In case of a  site failure, the request will reach other available data center

Hope this meets your needs

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