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Application Delivery (ADX)

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FTP not working for remote server


We're having this weird issue with a new VIP that we setup recently. If we try to FTP to the VIP IP, we are able to connect, but cannot list or copy files. However, if we FTP to the physical server's IP (eps1), everything works fine.  When the VIP directs to the Eps2 machine, it works fine. I tried to sticky the FTP port, but that did not seem to work. Note that the eps1 server is located in another subnet, but it was created as a remote server.

This is the VIP in question:

server remote-name eps1

port http

port http url "HEAD /"

port ssl

port ftp


server real eps2

port http

port http url "HEAD /"

port ssl

port ftp

server virtual eps-vip14

sym-priority 10

predictor round-robin

port http

port ssl sticky

port ftp

bind http eps2 http

bind http eps1 http

bind ssl eps2 ssl

bind ssl eps1 ssl

bind ftp eps2 ftp

bind ftp eps1 ftp

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Re: FTP not working for remote server

Hi Patrick,

I am not sure which release of ADX software you are using but by default if a vip has both remote and real servers bound to a port, it will treat remote server binding as secondary binding. You can try using following command under your vip to see if it helps.

"port ftp lb-pri-servers"

For more detail refer to "Configuring Primary and Backup Servers" section of Serveriron ADX SLB guide.

Please let me know if it does not work.



-Mohit Sahni

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