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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Downgrading to previous firmware version from secondary flash

I upgraded to the latest firmware (12.4.00) on our ADX1000, but after a couple of hours the ADX crashed horribly so i had to boot the secondary flash (boot system flash secondary)

Now to my question:

The boot version on the ADX is 12.4.00T405, but is it possible to downgrade the primary flash to the version from secondary flash without issues?

Since if something happens now, it will boot the primary flash again, and will probably crash again after a while.

Has anyone done something similar before or does anyone have any idea if it will work properly?

The command i intend to use is: "copy flash flash primary"

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Downgrading to previous firmware version from secondary flash

You can configure the ADX to boot always from the secondary flash.

In configuration mode:

(config)#boot sys fl sec

(config)#wr m

(config)#show configuration | include boot

boot sys fl sec

Be aware of the fact running the same command from privleged mode (NON config mode) will restart your machine!



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